Pradan Sahitha Dharmakirti 2016
We firmly, sincerely and proudly believe that Matale International School always stands as a respected and confident school not only in its growing academic success but also in its ability to reach out and develop the true personality of each and every individual learning under the shelter of MIS with the accurate recognition of their potentials by its academic staff.

The success and improvement of the school up to these standards came through ebbs and tides, ups and downs. The path we passed was so harsh and it was with all the collective efforts of the staff that MIS has today achieved this success.

With almost 1000 students from a diverse range of nationalities and backgrounds, Matale International School is a true community school that offers quality educational opportunities to the younger generation of Sri Lanka, specially in Matale region.

It is a great pride for us that we are able to offer almost all of the government curriculum areas and achieve success with the hard work of a highly qualified, skilled and dedicated staff. So that, our students enjoy their academic success through the government curriculum taught in English Medium and excel themselves through a broad range of activities from academic and outdoor education, sports, arts and cultural to student leadership areas.

We are extremely happy and proud that many of our children are often rewarded for their talents and abilities in both school level, district level, provincial level as well as national level competitions . We organise different events to give our students the due recognition and honour while appreciating and valuing their abilities.

As we believe that discipline of a society is moulded and maintained by the citizens b For recreational and extra curricular activities we proudly possess a Swimming Pool, securing a name as the one and only school among government and private schools in Matale District to have a swimming pool, and we also maintain an indoor Table Tennis Training Centre and a Cricket Training Institute. For your child to select we offer you a wider range of sports and other extra curricular opportunities as Chess, Netball, Tennis, Badminton, Wushu, Butterflies, Little Friends, Scouts, Junior and Senior Western Bands and Debating Teams. We humbly state that we are leading the way among all the other international and English schools in Matale. It is clear that we have no competition in the field and we are heading fast towards our goal of providing a good education to all for reasonable rates. As our aim is the middle class population we are so fair and reasonable in our charges.

Parents who are employed abroad as well as those who return home and seek for the best institution for comparatively a better education for their children may always keep their strong faith on us. It is a great pleasure to mention that, from year to year throughout our history of 13 years, we have rapidly been improving our standards by achieving good results, specially at the government G C E (Ordinary Level) Examination and the students who pass O/L's here are warmly welcomed by esteemed government schools in both Matale and Kandy for their A/L's.

Our academic Staff with incomparable abilities are totally dedicated to provide the students with the best service and also with a positive vision they work unitedly in moving MIS forward and raising its profile all over the island. It is absolutely because of their teamwork with passion and energy which is certainly admirable, this success is achieved. So that, always they can be proud of what they have done to the youngsters of the country over the past years.

We are a mixed school with four sections as Nursery, Kindergarten, Primary from Grade 1 to 5 and Secondary from Grade 6 to 11 accommodating students from different nationalities and religions found in Sri Lanka. Our students, throughout their school career are learning to live in harmony helping and respecting each other's religion and mother language without a slight discrimination.

We are so optimistic and therefore no doubt, your decision of entrusting your child to us for looking after his or her education will be a wise action and a great educational investment for the future of your kid.
Nursery Section
# 18, Hulangamuwa Road,
Matale, Sri Lanka.
Primary and
Secondary Section

# 70, Hulangamuwa Road,
Matale, Sri Lanka